I love the blogs! Because I work in a small 3 person office, I don’t get much chat time with others. Those chat times in my past have always been my resource for learning about things from tiny trivia to big deals. It’s my way of sharing what I’ve learned, seen, found, heard, or logically deduced from years of actively participating in life.

What I don’t love about the blogs is the uncontrolled expression of animosity people have toward one another. When people come to the internet to chat on blogs, why do they use it as a place to bully and berate? That’s not what the internet is for — it has been the research/resource medium now for over a decade and the intent is to find people of like interests and thoughts. So, why go looking for sites that oppose your viewpoint just so you can get nasty and rude with people you might not know? It’s a small world. That person you just swore at could actually be your boss!

So, here is where I want to be to share thoughts, ideas, plans, knowledge, advice, and the fun things that make the world go round. Rest assured — I have zero patience for the rude and bully communication style.