I have an elderly (94.5 year old) aunt in Kansas City. Until recently when she had a mild stroke that only impacted her physically, followed by a broken hip, she was driving, doing all her own gardening and living alone without any problems. Now, she’s in an assisted living facility and hating the confinement. I have been able to get out to visit with her twice at this point and hope to see her again in another six months, but it’s expensive to fly out there and deal with travel expenses.

I also had an uncle in Mpls who has been dealing with a variety of illnesses for the past decade, and since his youngest granddaughter (also my cousin) was getting married, I took a trip north to attend the wedding and get a little visit time with him. I am so very glad I did, as he passed away the day I got home after my travels.

But, that’s not the point of my post. I was fascinated to see deeper into the fraud that is my best friend’s husband. He goes out of his way to act nice, supportive, and generous with her, but what lurks beneath is a red neck who is just waiting until that moment when he is comfortable enough to come out of the shadows. As my friend and I were in a conversation about the ultra wealthy vs. middle class, he butt in with his opinion that the ultra wealthy earned every dime they hoard from the economy. It’s fine to have that opinion, but his declaration came in a tone that made it the LAST word allowed to be spoken on the subject, and then he stomped out of the room to make sure his opinion couldn’t be challenged. A few minutes later he re-entered the room, and hollered ahead of himself that he was returning so we had better stop talking.

I ask anyone to defend him and claim that this is a kind, supportive, generous man. Because I don’t see it. He has exposed himself to me as a combative, jealous cannon just waiting to go off. Of course, the real problem could be that when I come to visit, his wife all but ignores him while we dedicate our time to shopping and eating out and he resents it.