Amazed by the older women who have taken to the internet to declare their unwavering love for the Everly Brothers. I always thought their music was incredible because it was so different. Maybe it was the younger ears, but listening to the nasal, high-pitched stuff from the 50’s they did is now kind of shocking.  Maybe voice development is similar to physical stunting seen in athletes who dedicate every day of their young lives to practicing their sport. Those early recordings are almost hard to listen to now. Then, we’ve been given so many extremely beautiful voices and writing talents since the brothers that there’s much more to choose from for entertainment.

The death of Phil Everly was really a huge mark on the demise of the baby boomer domination in the musical arts, and it hit the baby boomers hard. The brothers had been out of the spotlight for so long that who even remembered they existed until the news it was over became the story of the day? Over-stated, maybe, but not entirely. I always have Everly music at hand, though I can’t say I’ve listened to it in decades when Mark Knopfler, Bryan Adams, Lionel Ritchie, Adele, Norah Jones, Fun., Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Meatloaf, U2, Pink, Lady Gaga, Cher, and hundreds of others have entered our world. The Everly’s returned to the stage when competition was growing, yet they oddly stuck mostly to their 50s and early 60s tunes and only truly appealed to and drew the attention of those seeking a quick return to the nostalgia of their youth. Amazes me with writers/producers like Mutt Lange out there writing for the people the brothers should have been every bit as popular as. They certainly were every bit as talented.

The brothers either stayed out of the tabloids, or I didn’t pay a bit of attention. I’m just now finding out they both spent several decades of their adult years single, but only after multiple marriages and children were left in their wake. Drugs, over-dose (reported in some articles as an attempted suicide), womanizing, estrangement from each other, and their mother, then later married to women who could have been their children. Don, especially, his current wife is younger than all but one of his four children. Even more amazing to me is that Don’s current wife went to Nashville to try for a career in singing – surely, she has some talent. So, why did she settle for singing in the kitchen with Don instead of him producing and developing the career she wanted? Was settling for living in the wealthy shadows of someone else’s fame just as good as sharing your gift of voice with others?

Phil was so feminine in how he spoke, and seemed to have quite the short fuse while he clung to Don for life. Don was the talent, and should have had a solo career first with the harmony coming in only as a special treat for audiences. Phil could have had a solo career, as well, he just needed to pick better songs. Don was also superior in the songs he wrote vs. the ones that came from Phil’s pen. Following the Sun, and You Make It Seem So Easy were incredible songs. Why aren’t they cover songs for other artists, in fact? They don’t need the harmony to be beautiful.

The brothers were too old for me to find crush-worthy, but I typically don’t crush on men I have no hope of ever actually kissing and having a meaningful relationship with, either. Even being up close to open stage events when they performed had me dancing to the music rather than having my eyes fixed on them. Both of them were closer to my mother’s age than they were to mine.

I miss the fun and simplicity of those years when their music was new and messing with my soul, though. That’s what makes me sorry in facing the death of Phil Everly. So many endearing celebrities have died over the past decades who I was far more intrigued by personally, and their passing didn’t have such a strong impact. This is all making such sense. RIP to the Everly Brothers, their impact on the youth of their time, and the decades that they represent. They did a poor job of managing their careers, or they would have endured the way the Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, etc. have.