Who am I? I’m your everything.

I love to shop. I love to learn. I love to research. I love to write. I love to help. I love to create.

From the time I was seven, I would take a piece of paper and pencil and begin writing the book that would one day earn a place on the list of Classics. It would be that good! It would be mandatory reading in English Literature classes, and people would quote from it constantly to support their viewpoint with an intelligently worded phrase. While the book has yet to be written, I have not lost sight of that dream.

I’m a Liberal, but no longer a Democrat. Actually, from what has been going on lately, there don’t appear to be any liberal representatives left in congress or the Democratic party. Something has changed. I’ve been saddened by that, and commented around the internet to release my frustrations over the disappearance of what had always made me so comfortable being an American Democrat. There are plenty of us who feel the betrayal, but I still haven’t found a place where people are looking for the solution. I’ve tired of the complaints.

I’ve spent my career as a highly regarded assistant to the executives of some fine companies. Many executives have read my work, and I’ve enabled some very respectable outcomes through correspondence I have written. It doesn’t matter to me that the person who signed his/her name to my work got the credit because I know my part, and so do they whether they admit it or not. Trust me, that talent I have has also worked against me on more occasions than I care to remember. At some point in that relationship, the boss begins to feel threatened and insecure with how much you know about their shortcomings. It’s a double-edged sword for them, but you can figure out how that works.